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Dr. Carl C. Baccus is the minister of the Southside Church of Christ in Los Angeles, California, a position in which he has served since 1956.

Dr. Carl C. Baccus began preaching at an early age at the Lawrence and Marder Church of Christ in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. He obeyed the gospel in 1948, under the teachings of
  Evangelist R. N. Hogan, minister of the Figueroa Church of Christ in Los Angeles. It was Bro. Hogan and the leadership at Figueroa who, in 1956, asked nineteen-year-old Baccus to work with a small group of recently converted Christians in Watts. That small congregation was the beginning of what is now known as the Southside Church of Christ. Under Dr. Baccus' constant leadership, Southside has grown and developed into a dynamic and hard working congregation in the community.

Reminiscent of the churches' pioneer preachers, Dr. Carl C. Baccus is well known for his energetic style of preaching the word of God. Dr. Baccus is a true evangelist, committed to spreading the gospel around the world. Dr. Baccus attended Pepperdine University in Los Angeles and obtained his bachelors, masters and doctorate degree from California Graduate School of Theology in Glendale, California.

Dr. Carl C. Baccus' accomplishments are vast as a radio and television minister and now endeavors to utilized the 21st Century media of the internet to minister to lost souls around the world! He has not been alone in his work. This man of God has had the support of his now deceased wife, Geraldine for almost 40 years. The members of the Southside Church of Christ have also stood with him over the years as he has endeavored to do the work of the Lord. He is the father of three adult children and the proud grandfather of twin girls who are all strong in the faith and committed to seeing the Church of Christ prosper.

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Al Wilson, Minister of Personal Evangelism

Al began his ministry at the Southside Church of Christ in 2003. He has a strong understanding of the scriptures and is an integral part of our mission to spread the good news around the world. He conducts weekly Bible Classes and individualized study sessions with the evangelistic goal of the leadership to save souls every day of the week. Al Wilson has been married over twenty years to Kamya and is the father of three young adult daughters.

Jorge Ortiz, Minister of Spanish Speaking Members

Jorge began his ministry at the Southside Church of Christ in 2008. He is gifted in his knowledge of the Bible and easily helps our Spanish-speaking members fully understand what God requires of them. Jorge Ortiz is on fire for the Lord and helps spread the good news around the world, in Spanish, weekly on our KTYM 1460 radio program. He is married to Victoria and is the father of three young children.
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