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The Southside Church of Christ has a great legacy in adhering to the great commission of God's Son. We follow the marching orders of our Commander and Chief, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is our responsibility to reach out to mankind and urge them to be saved before the coming of the Lord.
  Our mission is to spread the good news around the world. Hearing and Believing the good news of Jesus, calls a person to Repent of their sins, Confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, which leads to Baptism "full immerse in water" for the remission of their sins. As members of the Church of Christ we walk with Jesus and keep His word in our hearts through daily prayer and meditation on the scriptures to endeavor to remain free from sin.

We invite visitors and fellow members of the Church of Christ across the globe to join us for worship service and Bible Study for a spirit-filled, scripturally sound fellowship with Jesus! The Southside Church of Christ is a friendly congregation and we extend a warm hand of fellowship to you. JOIN US!

Dr. Carl C. Baccus

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  8:45 am Bible Study
  10:00 am Morning Worship
  6:00 pm Evening Worship
  9:00 am Iglesia de Cristo
1655 West Manchester Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90047
Tel: (323) 7552-9206
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